Let’s Partner to Create
Sustainable, Measurable Change


Our Approach

We believe data derived from partnership leads to sustainable, measurable change. Whether you want to create a fully engaged workplace, get your project funded, or increase your program’s impact, our approach can help your organization realize its mission.

We start with a clear assessment of your needs. Then we move into planning and implementing a strategy, conducting whatever research or evaluation services you may need, and helping your organization use its data in a meaningful and effective way.

We don’t stand back as evaluators. We immerse ourselves in your culture. We listen and observe. We dig deep to help you articulate how your programs and services are intended to effect change.

Cultural awareness is the cornerstone of our mission and the framework we bring to every setting in which we work.

In short, we’ll partner with you to realize your organization’s potential to create a measurable and sustainable impact.

Planning and Implementation

Think of the quest for data as an anthropological journey to uncover the inner workings of your community.

What makes your employees or clients tick?

What engages and excites them?

What beliefs, perspectives, or barriers hold them back?

What do they see as the barriers to positive change?

Do you really know what your employees, clients, or communities need and want?

As managers and administrators, we often implement what we believe to be supportive policies and programs only to find out that we missed the mark. The answer isn’t necessarily to start a new program or activity. The answer is to enter the next phase of your planning and implementation process with curiosity and open-mindedness.

We’ll work together to help you plan and implement viable, efficient, and culturally sensitive programs and services with a step-by-step process of assessment, strategic planning, logic model development, program selection, staff training, and marketing to clients.

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Research and Evaluation

Evaluation is not about finding out what’s wrong with a program. It’s about a commitment to continuous program improvement.

Some people fear evaluation. They may be personally invested in their program’s success, or worry that they’ll be judged because of their performance. Others base their program’s value on anecdotal success stories.

No matter how you feel about evaluation, it’s important to ask, why is our program successful, and how can we refine, sustain, replicate, or expand it?

Clear, meaningful data empowers you to tell the story of how you do what you do. It helps you and your stakeholders create data-driven, measurable, and sustainable change. It builds the infrastructure for your success.

The data we’ll collect together will help you learn whether your programs are meeting your mission, and if they aren’t, we’ll work together to get them back on track.

We’ll be with you every step of the way.

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Consulting and Technical Assistance

Problem solving is our specialty.

We excel in helping you identify and implement your organization’s unique, practical, and culturally sensitive solutions.

Are you wrestling with a difficult problem, and need an objective outsider to help you organize your thinking and generate potential solutions?

Are you struggling to write a grant that clearly expresses your organization’s capacity to serve your community?

Or are you trying to determine the degree of fidelity your staff has achieved in implementing evidence-based programs and services?

We can help you with all of that and more.

Our team has over 20 years of experience in grant writing and grant development, measuring fidelity to evidence-based programs, participatory action research, fishbowl focus groups, primary substance abuse prevention, community mental health, integrated service delivery, family systems, and student assistance programs.

We’ll work together to create a customized consulting or training package to meet the needs of your team and the communities you serve.

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Transforming from Within

A commitment to personal growth is a commitment to community transformation.

Change isn’t just an external event. It comes from within and moves out into our family, workplace, and community. Supervisors and managers who invest in their own growth will see positive effects in their employees, clients, and organizations.

    • TILT (Trust in Leadership Training)
    • Reducing Risk, Building Resilience
    • Family Systems in the Workplace
    • Facilitating (Non-Therapeutic) Support Groups
    • Diversity from the Inside Out

As social change agents, we bring our whole selves to our work. To do our best work for others, we also need to invest in ourselves.

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“Dixie is a masterful and experienced trainer. Sandra is a quiet anchor, always paying attention and assisting in an unobtrusive yet powerful way. After the training, I feel a hundred times more confident and competent. I’m ready to go back to my site and put my new skills into practice. Please don’t stop doing what you’re doing. It was one of the best trainings I’ve ever attended!”

TRAINING PARTICIPANT, Support Group Facilitation Skills

We’re here for you 100% of the way.

No matter where you are in the process – planning, implementation, research, evaluation, organizational capacity building, or leadership development – we’ll work together to realize your organization’s and team’s potential to create measurable and sustainable change.